9 Jamaican Patois words

Hello Everyone! Happy Monday! Over the weekend I had fun trying to speak and pronounce words that my fiance use often. My fiance is Jamaican and often speak Jamaican Patois. Jamaican Patois , Known locally as Patois is called Jamaican Creole by linguists and is English-based creole language with West African Influences (Akan orgin )… Continue reading 9 Jamaican Patois words



Hello Everyone! As some of you may know, I am an Independent sale representative for Avon. Every so often I talk about new products, sales and upcoming campaigns. However, today I want to share this amazing sale with my beauty lovers. Avon is running a Black Friday Presale which starts today and runs until 11/22/2017. … Continue reading BEAUTY & BLACK FRIDAY PRESALE

How I Repaired My Hair

Have you had hair breakage or hair thinning lately? If so there is great product that has worked for me over the past almost year. My hair is now thick and my edges have grown back extremely well. Being on birth control has it pros and cons and a variety of symptoms and reactions. However, for… Continue reading How I Repaired My Hair

My Sunday Inspiration

Hello Everyone! Today I woke up feeling great! The sun is shining and I'm sipping my French vanilla coffee ready to tackle my day. Yesterday was a busy day for me trying to rearrange my apartment to better accommodate the boys. I honestly can't wait for next year to come as we are preparing to move into a… Continue reading My Sunday Inspiration

My Saturday Craft

On Saturday's when I have free time I love to do crafts! This time is fun and exciting for me because I get to do a lot of diy projects for my upcoming wedding next year. I usually get up early and start because the boys are sleeping and I can focus on my project… Continue reading My Saturday Craft

Avon’s Campaign 25 Holiday Gifts!

Avon's Campaign 25   Hello Everyone! Today is the start of Avon's Campaign 25! As usual I am here to share with you the Brochure and some featured items! The Holidays are coming quickly and there are so many great gifts in this Brochure for Everyone! MY TOP 3 PICKS!! This Avon Beauty To Go Bundle  caught my attention… Continue reading Avon’s Campaign 25 Holiday Gifts!

Love & Sibling Love

Losing someone you love is one of the hardest moments in life that comes with pain. Dealing with a love lost can be both physical end emotionally draining. We are all capable of loving and caring even though we may forget to show it at times. Telling and showing family and friends how much you… Continue reading Love & Sibling Love

Friendships: How many friends do you have?

For as long as I can remember I've never got into the concept of having a bunch of friends. Building friendships takes a lot of time and effort; it's hard work. It seems as if I hear a lot of people talking about their friends and how they do this and that or whatever. "… Continue reading Friendships: How many friends do you have?

Avon: My Top 3 Items to try for November

As some of you may already know if you have read my beauty blog  post,  I am an Independent Sales Rep for Avon. Every month I like to try new items that catch my attention. So, today I wanted to share with you 3 items from the Avon Outlet brochure that I will be trying for… Continue reading Avon: My Top 3 Items to try for November